"About Us"


We were founded in 2022 with a vision to achieve leadership in our field, and after directing our investments towards manufacturing for 6 years, we evolved to become a company with a strong capital structure and the ability to create value for all our partners and stakeholders. Thanks to our experienced and specialized team, "Machinery Company" has become a prestigious brand serving both Arab and foreign countries. We are committed to providing our services to our customers using the latest methods and high-quality materials. Machinery Company stands out for providing a comprehensive range of services, including continuous after-sales support. We strive to solve any problem our customers may encounter and provide all necessary materials and supplies after purchasing the machines to ensure a satisfactory and sustainable experience.

Our Values


"We take pride in our corporate reputation and work hard to maintain it by promoting mutual trust and respect among our employees, partners, and all stakeholders. We are committed to responsibility and integrity in our dealings and strive to earn the public's trust through our professional practices and adherence to the highest standards of quality."

Quality assurance

We are committed to providing high-quality and efficient services that exceed our clients' expectations at all stages of the process. We constantly strive to improve and develop our quality standards in all aspects of our offerings and services.

Continuous development.

We constantly strive to develop and innovate new products, services, and technologies that enhance the added value to our customers and partners. We aim to achieve sustainable progress through innovation and continuous improvement to meet market needs and exceed our customers' expectations.