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Gypsum crushing machine

Gypsum crushing machine

  • A gypsum crushing machine
  • used to break the casting mold after melting,
  • used to preserve the purity of gold nuggets. Rams are selected through 3 stages to achieve zero impurities.
  • The spiral system is used for crushing the gypsum
  • It can hold up to approximately 600 liters of water.
  • To watch a video of the machine, please click here: MAKINAT-YT."

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"The price of the machine does not include shipping costs. The shipping cost will be calculated based on the destination country."



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The purpose of the machine

Breaking gypsum after casting

The return:

"Maintaining the shape of the molds and cores after the gypsum crushing process on the furnace, with easy extraction of the cores and gypsum system"